Nice Married Apartments Near BYU

Provo Student Apartments Available Now “Talk may be cheap but intelligent conversation is very expensive these days. Ask anyone with a kid in college.”

College is pricey but Provo student housing doesn’t have to be. At Villa Rose Apartments, you get a clean, spacious, affordable apartment at a convenient location. Some students try to save money by living on the outskirts of town. At Villa Rose Apartments you’re where you need to be; close to campus. But that’s not all you are close to. Brigham Young University football (a local favorite), Wendy’s (to get you through late-night studying), and Friday’s are in the neighborhood.

Villa Rose Apartments provides BYU  housing accommodations for savvy married, families, students who know they don’t need to break the bank for essentials or extras. For example, at Villa Rose Apartments, we offer close to BYU and Internet.

To learn about our unit layouts, current availability and all our extras, visit You can also see photos of our apartment community. (After all, talk is cheap but a picture is worth a thousand words!)

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